Surface treatment of aluminum
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For aluminum, the color that anodizing can do is really limited,it’s usually silver, bronze, titanium, K gold or black.As for some colors that we see are processed through another process.

1. Electrophoretic coating.

On the basis of the anodic oxidation, through the effect of electrophoresis, On the oxide film, a layer of water-soluble acrylic coating was evenly coated to form an anodic oxide film and acrylic film composite film on the surface of the profile.Feel smooth,delicate and vivid bright outside.In addition to producing the color of the original oxidation color, it can make more bright colors such as white and green. 

2. Color powder coating.

There’s more than 200 kinds of colors to choose, to give designers a vast space, stable performance, strong adhesion of paint film, not easy to peel, acid, resistant to salt fog, mortar, weather resistance, aging resistance and other performance.The coating is not in the air.
Volatile, non-oxidizing, pollution-free, good environmental performance.The surface dirt is refreshed after washing.

3. Color fluorocarbon coating.

Polyvinylidene coating was sprayed on the surface of aluminum alloy by electrostatic action.Fluorocarbon coatings are polyurethane, fluorocarbon coatings.Therefore, it can have lasting protection, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti-air pollution.
The fluorocarbon bond is one of the strongest molecular bonds that is superior to the molecular structure of its aggregation.Fluorocarbon spraying as a high - grade surface coating technology.More than 160 rich colors are enough to provide an endless design for architects and designers.
Space.It has the advantage of color uniformity and the ability to resist fading and stain.

In addition, aluminum or aluminum alloy is suitable for drawing processing.

It is true that the drawing is irrelevant to the surface oxidation, it should be done before oxidation;And oxidation cannot use natural oxidation method, The surface of natural oxidation should be called quality defect., the composition of oxide film and special processing of the oxide film is a distinct on appearance.Furthermore,color is not the post-processing of oxidation but being conducted in the oxidation at the same time, there are some oxidation coloring treatment methods commonly used.

Coloured anodic oxide film
The anodic oxide film of aluminum is coloured by adsorbing dyes.